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It is a research tool that helps new brands and companies to promote their products on Amazon so that the specified product is sold very much and people are aware of it.

When was Junglescout created?

It was two years before this tool was created in 2014 that the founder and CEO of get amazing 50% discount using our exclusive coupon code on Chrome extension, Greg Mercer was an Amazon seller and is an experienced seller till now. Many of the employees are also a part of the seller community of the Amazon which has helped them in understanding the inner world of Amazon and how does it work.

Reasons it is better than other research tools

  • It keeps a tab on the competitors of their client’s brand or company
  • The keyword is decided by professionals so that it does not lack the important features that the keyword must contain
  • They not only show you the top searched products but also the least searched products to show the users about every item they have searched for
  • The users are also notified about which product is in trend right now
  • The products are checked beforehand by the experts present in jungle scout so the products that are delivered to the customers are only the best
  • The junglescout offer help to the brand or company from the start and work out the plan until they have been successfully established

Junglescout WebApp vs. Chrome Extension

Both are used by the entrepreneurs present on Amazon to access their products On the one hand, the chrome extensions help you in gathering data from a single click on Amazon.  It also provides the viewers with the number of reviews any particular product has. The price of the product along with some detail about the product to inform the viewers is also present. Along with all this information a separate section is dedicated to the sales that the particular product has made in the previous week, month or year.

On the other hand, the web app shows the user all the searches so that they do not miss any product. They also allow the user to filter the searches made by Amazon according to their wish. They can select the category like price, the recent products, according to the size or particular color or brand you are searching for. The WebApp has the upper hand because of the many advantages it has on chrome extension which gives the users the confidence to go through the search made by the application.

Its advantages and disadvantage

The junglescout is very simple to use be through the WebApp or the chrome extension and the search is done very fast. It is a time-efficient tool that has kept everything very simple and smooth to work. The main advantage of this tool is simply because it is so easy to learn which will not take much time. Some people find it very hard to trust this tool because some of the data have put some doubts in the validity of this tool. Also, there are some products of a particular brand or company are missing especially in the section of the books is a little difficult to handle.


  • Whether large or small, found object piece can revitalize discarded “junk” and give it new life as thought provoking art. Is it art? The beauty is that you get to decide.

  • Whether large or small, found object piece can revitalize discarded “junk” and give it new life as thought provoking art. Is it art? The beauty is that you get to decide.